söndag 24 oktober 2010

Is it okay to Copy others?

If you're about to copy others, it's nothing but fair to ask first?
Sure, people copy others, and we can't do anything about that,
just accept it and move on.
People IRL copy others?
If a store starts selling a bunch of black skirts, and they sell fast,
OF COURSE, other stores will get the same ones, so people will buy from them aswell.
Same on stardoll,
if someone has a nice, in this case, presentation, and she/he gets alot of feedback and stuff, of course people want it.
But what people don't think about, is that the person may have spent ALOT of time making it, and stuff.
But still,
if someone copies another, just accept it and get over it.
No need to cry a river.

But then again, before someone copies, they should ask.
And then if the person says no, then accept that aswell.
But uh .. Whatever (: